How to claim your show on Fountain

Whether you have a successful podcast that brings in millions of listeners and advertising dollars or you're just starting out, Fountain can help you build more valuable engagement with your listeners and grow your audience. With Fountain, you can turn your biggest fans into supporters by accepting payments with Value for Value. You can also reward people for trying out your podcast with Fountain Promotions, helping you to grow your reach overnight.

Claiming your show on Fountain

  • Download the Fountain app on iOS or Android and create an account. 
  • Search for your show, press the Lightning Bolt on your Show page and choose Claim Podcast
  • Check the email address in your public RSS feed and make sure you are the admin for that account. Enter the email address in Fountain and press Submit.
  • Open the email we sent you and verify you own the RSS feed by clicking the link in the email. 
  • Your show will be added to the Lightning Network and you will see a yellow Lightning icon on your Show and Episode pages. 

I can't find my show on Fountain

If you can't find your show on Fountain, you will need to add it to Podcast Index. All you need to do is paste the URL of you public RSS feed into the box and press Add.

I get an error when claiming my show

If you see "error sending verification email" it might be because you have not entered the email address listed in your public RSS feed. If you are unsure which email address it is, log in to your hosting platform and check in the settings or try searching for "itunes:email" in your RSS feed. If you are hosting your podcast on Anchor, they will create a proxy email for you and add this to your feed. You can change this to your personal email address in their settings. 

If your podcast is hosted on a private RSS feed, you will not be able to claim your show on Fountain and you will see the same error message above.

I don't see an option to claim my show

If you had already added a value block to your public RSS feed you will already see a yellow Lightning icon on your Show and Episode pages. W e can’t override your existing value block, so before you claim your show on Fountain you will need to delete it. To remove an existing value block from your public RSS feed, login to by entering the email in your public RSS feed and the URL then press Delete. Once this has been done, you will be able to create a new value block by following the steps above to claim your show in Fountain.

What to do next after claiming your show

Go to your Wallet and you will find a card for your show under Podcast Income. Here you can check your supporter stats, see Boosts and clips from your listeners and promote your podcast to reach more listeners.

Want to learn more? Read our Podcaster Guide to Value for Value

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