Can I run my own node using the Fountain Podcaster Wallet?

If your podcast's RSS feed is already configured to receive receive payments to another wallet provider (e.g. Alby), or it is connected to your own node, you are still able to claim your podcast on Fountain

To access the Fountain Podcaster Dashboard and see your stats, you simply need to give the Fountain Boost Bot a 2% split. This allows us to aggregate transactions data across your listener base on any Podcasting 2.0 app and provide the same analytics we make available to podcasters who are using Fountain’s wallet. 

How to claim your podcast on Fountain

Follow the steps outlined in the guide here. Once you have claimed your podcast you will see an icon for your show appear in the centre of the bottom nav that takes you to your Dashboard. You will not see any stats here until you have added the Fountain Boost Bot as a 1% split.

How to add the Fountain Boost Bot to your Splits

If your podcast hosting platform supports Value for Value via Lightning, you will able to log in and manage your splits there. Follow the steps below:

  • Add "" as the recipient address
  • Label the split ""
  • Set the split to 1% and update your feed

If you are hosting your own RSS feed and want to manually copy the Fountain Boost Bot split - you can do so here:


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