How to promote your podcast on Fountain

Fountain Promotions incentivise new listeners to try out your podcast for the first time, helping you grow your audience overnight. Get your latest episodes featured in the Fountain home feed and when a user plays your promotion, they will get paid for every minute they listen. With a minimum spend of $50 and an average cost of $8 for 1000 listens, Fountain Promotions are accessible for podcasters on a modest budget too. 

After you claim your podcast on Fountain, you're ready to promote your podcast. Just go to the My Shows page in the app and go to the Promotions tab. Here's a step by step guide to setting up your first promotion.

Choose an episode

Select which episode you want to promote or select Promote Show to automatically promote your most recent episode. If choosing a specific episode, make sure it's one that a first-time listener would enjoy.

Set your budget

The higher your budget, the longer your promotion will last. The minimum is $50. 60% of your budget will be paid directly to listeners and the remaining 20% is Fountain's fee.

Set your max reward

Choose the maximum amount you want to pay per listen. The minimum is 50 sats (around $0.01). Setting a higher max reward means you will reach fewer listeners with your budget, but on the flip side it is a nice experience for listeners.

Purchase promotion

You can pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Within 24 hours of purchase, your promotion will be approved and pushed live. You can check the status of your promotion in the app.

Check your stats

See how many new listeners your promotion generated, how much budget you have remaining along with other valuable metrics. 

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