What is Value for Value?

Our favourite podcasts have had a massive impact on us. Just think about everything you have learned and how they have inspired you.

Since most podcasts are available for free, creators have to find a way to earn enough money to keep new content coming. By listening on Fountain, you can show your appreciation and send some value back in return. Simple, frictionless and fun. This is what we mean when we talk about Value for Value, which is built on the premise that content should be free and available to everyone. If the audience gets value from the content, they can choose to send some value back to the creator - depending on how much it is worth to them. 

Value for Value is just one of many new features supported by Podcasting 2.0 apps like Fountain. Once a podcast has been claimed, listeners can send money as they are listening on Fountain or any of the other apps which support Value for Value. This is possible thanks to The Lightning Network, the payment system which allows us to send and receive small units of bitcoin known as sats. There are 100 million sats in one bitcoin.

When you support a podcast on Fountain, it signals to your friends and other listeners that it’s worth listening to. So not only does Value for Value help creators get rewarded for their work, but it’s great for discovering new content too.

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