How to discover podcasts on Fountain

On Fountain you can discover over four million podcasts and explore clips and playlists created by the Fountain community. Whenever there is new activity from a user who you follow - for example, they supported a podcast by sending a Boost, or they liked a comment, clip or playlist from another user - we surface this activity on your Home screen. Therefore the best way to discover podcasts on Fountain is to follow other users - for example, your friends or other fans who have similar interests.

Here's some more information about the different ways you can discover podcasts on Fountain.

Boosts and Comments

Check your Home screen to see Boosts and comments from users who you follow. You will also see any Boosts or comments that users who you follow have liked. Tap the content card to go to the show or episode they supported.


Check the Stories browser at the top of the Home screen to see the latest clips from people you follow as well as any clips that they have interacted with recently. From the clip player you can tap through to the episode, user profile and any hashtags related to that clip. You can also search for clips.


Check your Home screen to see the latest playlists from people you follow as well as any clips that they have interacted with recently. You can also search for playlists.


Check the Search screen to see which content is trending on Fountain. The charts are updated daily and show you the top results from the last 7 days. You can also find the charts on our website here.

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