How to top up your Fountain Wallet

In this article we'll cover the different top up options and their respective fees. You'll also learn about the minimum and maximum top up amounts. 

Deposit with Bank Card

Go to your Wallet, press Fund Wallet then choose Deposit with Bank Card to be taken out to our payment processing partner, Moonpay. Since you are dealing with fiat currency in this case, you will be asked for some personal information during this process.

  • Fees: Choosing this option will incur a processing fee of 4.5% with a minimum amount of $3.99 / €3.99 / £3.99 plus a dynamic network fee based on blockchain network condition (you can read more about this on the Moonpay website here). This fee is included in the total amount you are paying and will be shown on screen before you confirm your purchase.
  • Min/max amounts: The minimum top up amount set by Moonpay is $30. The maximum amount will vary based on bitcoin's price.

Important note: Your receipt will be issued after two confirmations (on the blockchain). This means it can take approx. 20 minutes before your sats are credited to your wallet. Once your transaction has two confirmations, its status will change from pending to confirmed in your wallet. You will be able to track your transaction in a block explorer through a link that will be sent to you by Moonpay.

Deposit with Lightning

Choose  Deposit with Lightning to send money from another app that allows you to send payments over the Lightning Network such as Coinbase, CashApp, Strike or ZBD. Select the amount you'd like to top up to generate an invoice and QR code which you can then scan and pay from another lightning wallet. 
  • Fees: Very low network fees apply, which will be shown in the wallet you send from.
  • Min/max amounts: Choose between a minimum of 1,000 sats and a maximum of 200,000 sats. 

Did you know: You can also send money directly to your Fountain Lightning Address from any app that allows you to send payments over the Lightning Network. 

Important note: You can only deposit to your wallet if your current balance is less than 600,000 sats. To increase your limits, consider connecting to a ZEBEDEE account.

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