What are my wallet limits?

What are my wallet limits?

  • The maximum transaction size is 600,000 sats. You are not able to boost, deposit or withdraw more than 600,000 sats at a time.
  • The maximum wallet balance is 600,000 sats. You are not able to deposit if your wallet balance is greater than 600,000 sats.

How do I increase my wallet limits?

You can increase your limits by connecting to a ZEBEDEE account. This will require you to verify your identity through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process. You will find the option to connect to ZEBEDEE in your Wallet or Profile menu. 

Once you have connected to a ZEBEDEE account the following limits will apply:

No ZEBEDEE Account Connected  ZEBEDEE Account Connected 
Max transaction size 600,000 sats 1,000,000 sats
Max wallet balance 600,000 sats
5,000,000 sats     

You can learn more about top up limits, minimums and fees here.

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