Can I download podcasts to listen offline?

If you are on Wi-Fi, Fountain will automatically download new episodes to your device from the shows you follow. Learn more about how to change your auto download settings.

  • You can manually download episodes, tracks, clips, albums and playlists by pressing Download
  • Items will continue downloading when the app is in the background but the download may take a little longer to process
  • If your device loses WiFi connection but you have an active mobile data connection, episodes that have already started downloading will continue downloading
  • If your device loses connection completely when an item is downloading, the download will resume when the connection is restored
  • You can use the filters in your Library to only see items that have been downloaded
  • You can Delete Audio Downloads individually, or Delete All Audio Downloads from the page menu in your Library
  • By default, downloaded episodes will not be deleted but you can manage your preferences for Auto Delete Downloads in the Settings
  • When listening to podcasts offline, you are not able earn rewards or support

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