Why am I not earning?

If you are not listening to podcasts on Fountain regularly, you may not have the chance to earn Rewards or see Promotions in the app. If you have gone several days or weeks without earning, this is the most likely explanation. There are several other reasons that might explain why you are not earning.

Your rate is 0 sats per minute

Since your rate for Rewards is assigned at random each day, on some days it can also be zero - even if you are listening regularly on Fountain. Do not be discouraged and come back tomorrow to check your new rate.

You've already earned today

You will not continue to earn after your time is up. You can still earn more by listening to Promotions, or you can come back tomorrow to check your new rate.

Your earnings are paused

If our security system notices something irregular about your account, your earnings will be temporarily paused. If you're playing fair this shouldn't happen. If this happens, please ensure that you are using the latest version of Fountain and that you are only using the app on one device.

Your device doesn't have an active have mobile data or WiFi connection

In this instance, the earnings counter will simply not tick up. You can only earn from Rewards or Promotions when your device is connected to the internet. 

Troubleshooting tips

  • Listen to podcasts regularly on Fountain
  • Switch to a different WiFi or cellular network for a few days
  • If you normally use a VPN, try without for a few days
  • If you have another device, try with that for a few days

Always try for more than one day before contacting customer support, as changes will only take effect the next day. If you're still not earning after trying these tips, we will not be able to assist at this moment. We would, however, be grateful if you could let us know the device, operating system and app version you're using. This will help us to investigate further and see if this is technical issue, which we can then solve for all users.

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