How earning works on Fountain

On Fountain you can earn small units of bitcoin called "sats". You can think of sats as the bitcoin cents. There are 100 million sats in one bitcoin. In this article you'll learn why and how you can earn sats on Fountain as a listener. If you are a podcaster, please click here.

Why are you getting paid on Fountain?

Every minute that you spend consuming content, creating content, or watching ads, increases the value of the platform you’re using. Think about the ones you use every day. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok - all of these platforms would lose their value without the time and attention that you give them, but none of them reward you for it. Fountain is different. Fountain is the only podcast app where both listeners and podcasters get rewarded for being part of the community.

How do you earn on Fountain?

There are three ways you can earn as a listener on Fountain:

  1. Likes: Get paid by other listeners when they like your comments, clips or playlists. The like amount is set by each user in their settings.
  2. Promotions: Get paid by podcasters for listening to promoted episodes in your home feed. The rate is set by the podcaster. You may not see promotions every day.
  3. Rewards: Get paid by Fountain for listening to podcasts. Every day, regular listeners have the chance to earn rewards. Your rate is assigned at random and you have an equal chance of earning for either 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes. You may not earn every day.

When you earn sats they will be added to your wallet balance. In your wallet you can also see how many sats you have earned in a given period and find a history of your recent transactions.

How much can you earn on Fountain?

For Promotions, the rate is set by the podcaster. For Rewards, your rate is assigned at random each day, but on some days your earning rate can also be zero - even if you are listening to podcasts regularly on Fountain. To find your Rewards rate for today, click on the Earning meter on the player while playing any podcast. Please note that if you skip forward or back while you listen, or if your device loses connection, your earnings might be affected and you may not earn the full amount.

Why am I not earning?

If you are not earning Rewards or seeing Promotions in the app, please read our FAQ on Why am I not earning.

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