How do I manage my auto download settings?

Fountain will automatically download all new episodes from shows you follow or you can set download settings for specific shows.

All Shows

By default, all new episodes will download when connected to WiFi. To change your preferences:

  • Open the Main Menu 
  • Go to Settings and choose Library
  • Choose between the following options under Automatic Downloads:
    • Never (auto downloads off)
    • WiFi (auto download when connected to WiFi)
    • Mobile Data (auto download on any connection)

Specific Shows

By default, specific show settings will reflect your automatic download settings for all shows. To change your preferences:

  • Go to the Show page and press the Settings icon
  • Toggle Auto Download between on and off

Specific Actions

It is also possible to automatically download episodes on any connection when you take specific actions. By default these will be turned off.

  • Open the Main Menu
  • Go to Settings and choose Library
  • Choose between the following options under Auto Download On:
    • Save (auto download episodes when you add them to your library)
    • Star (auto download episodes when you star them)
    • Queue (auto download episodes when you add them to your queue)

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