How do I get episode transcripts?

Fountain offers transcripts so that you can read along as you listen. Not only will transcripts show up in Fountain if they have been provided by the podcaster, but transcripts for every episode are also available on-demand. You can also search transcripts and find a specific point to start playing from. Just tap the Transcript button on the Player or go to the Transcript tab on any Episode page. Here’s how it works:

  • Fountain Premium Users: Get unlimited transcripts on demand for any podcast with Fountain Premium for just £2.99 a month.
  • All Other Users: Pay a fee of $0.50 (around 2000 sats) for every hour of audio transcription. If a transcript has already been made available by the podcaster or by another user, listeners will get it for free.
  • Podcasters: Get audio transcripts of all new episodes and make them available to your listeners for free if you have claimed your show on Fountain. If your podcast includes SRT or VTT transcripts in your RSS feed, they will already be available in Fountain.

Thanks to our partnership with Deepgram, transcripts on Fountain are:

  • Fast: Transcripts for an hour long episode are generated in under 30 seconds
  • Accurate: Deepgram allow us to detect languages, differentiate between speakers and accurately translate speech to text regardless of audio quality.
  • Cheap: Transcribe an hour-long episode for just $0.50 or get unlimited transcripts on demand with Fountain Premium.

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