How to create clips on Fountain

Why create clips?

  • Save the best moments from podcasts so you can return to them later. You can find clips you created or saved in your Library.
  • Help other listeners discover podcasts on Fountain. Clips you post will be seen in the stories browser on the Home page. 
  • Build your following on Fountain. If your clip is generating lots of engagement, it will also be seen by users who aren't following you.
  • Earn more sats on Fountain. Sharing clips is a valuable service, so when other users like your clips, you get paid. 

How do I create a clip?

Simply press the Clip button on the player when you hear something you want share.

Setting your start and end position

  • Drag and hold the blue markers on the clip wheel to set your start and end position. When setting the new position, continue to hold and the position will lock.
  • You can also tap +/- at the top of the panel to nudge the start and end position forward or back 1 second.
  • To find your desired start and end position quicker, you can request the transcript. To get unlimited free transcripts, subscribe to Fountain Premium.

Previewing your clip selection

  • When setting a new start or end position, the clip will autoplay from that point. 
  • Play, pause and skip forward/back 10 seconds using the controls inside the clip wheel.
  • To listen to your clip from the beginning, press the replay button in the bottom right of the panel next to the playback speed setting. 
  • The current playback position is indicated by the yellow marker on the clip wheel and the display in the bottom left of the panel. 

Posting your clip

  • When you are happy with your clip press Preview to go to the next screen
  • Give your clip an interesting title that will get people's attention
  • Add relevant hashtags to make it easier for other users to discover your clip
  • After pressing Post your clip will be added to your Library
  • You will be notified when other Fountain users like and reply to your clips 
  • Share a link to your clip on social media or export it as a video or audio file

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