How to create clips on Fountain

There is so much knowledge buried in podcasts. Finding and sharing it with others is a valuable service. So when other users like your clips, you get paid. In this is article we will cover:

Why create clips?

  • Save the best moments from podcasts so you can return to them later.
  • Help other listeners discover the podcasts you love. When you create a clip it will be seen by your followers in their Activity feed and appear on the Show and Episodes page. 
  • Build a following on Fountain as a trusted curator of valuable content. If your clip is getting lots of likes, it will also be seen by users who aren't following you.
  • Clips are also a great way to earn more sats on Fountain. When other users like your clips, you get paid. 

How do I create a clip?

Fountain offers two ways to create a clip from a podcast. Simply press the Clip button on the player to see the following options:

Timestamp Editor

Clip a section of the audio as soon as you hear something valuable you want to share. Press the  Clip button on the Player and choose Create Clip.

  • Select the audio you want: Drag the blue handles to select the part you would like to clip. You can also use the blue skip buttons for finer control over the start and end time.
  • Preview audio: Use the yellow position marker to move to a section in the clip. Press Restart Clip to to play from the beginning 
  • Save as a draft: Press save once you are happy and proceed with publishing your clip or come back to later by going to your Profile.
Transcript Editor

Our transcript editor gives you more control when clipping. Press the  Clip button on the Player and choose Create Clip with Transcript.

  • Request the transcript: You must pay a small fee for each transcript you request but with Fountain Premium you get unlimited free transcriptsIt should take under 30 seconds to load. 
  • Choose blocks: The transcript is broken down into blocks so you can choose with part of the episode you want to clip. You can also search the transcript for specific words to find the section you are looking for. Selected blocks will be highlighted yellow and the block currently playing will be highlighted blue. Select the blocks you want then swipe left to continue.
  • Edit text: If you want to remove a specific section, select the text press Cut to edit your clip. As you edit the clip you can play it back using the Preview Player. Press Save when you are happy with it.
  • Save as a draft: Press save once you are happy and proceed with publishing your clip. You can also come back to it later - just go to the Clips tab in your Library and filter by My Drafts.

Publishing and sharing clips

  • Add title: Think of an interesting title that will get people's attention. 
  • Add hashtags: This will make it easier for other users to find your clip as it will appear in related playlists.
  • Publish your clip: Once you publish your clip clip will be seen by your followers in their the Activity feed and appear on the Show and Episode pages.
  • Check your notifications: You will be notified when other Fountain users like and reply to your clips
  • Share it on social media: Share a link to your clip on social media or export it as a video or audio file. Make sure you tag @fountain_app as well any speakers who feature in the clip. 

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