What is Fountain?

Fountain is the podcast app that connects creators with a global community of fans. Seamlessly blending a powerful audio listening experience with a vibrant social platform, Fountain makes sharing, discovering and supporting podcasts easy while also giving you different ways to earn rewards through listening.

Fountain App

Fountain, a modern podcast player, caters to diverse audio interests with a vast library of over 4 million podcasts. The app is packed with all the familiar features you're accustomed to. Organise your podcast library, create playlists, and build your play queue. Enjoy live listening, offline downloads, and podcasts on-the-go with Android Auto. Navigate chapters effortlessly and access accurate transcripts for every episode. All of this and more, packaged up in a slick and intuitive user interface designed for the ultimate podcasting experience.
Fountain’s social features are what sets it apart from other podcast apps, bringing you closer to your favourite creators and other fans, as well as introducing you to new podcasts through your friends and followers.
Share and discover podcast clips
With Fountain’s powerful editing tool you can share an audio clip from a podcast with your followers in seconds. Turn your clips into eye-catching videos with subtitles to share them on social media. Discovering clips and sharing them with other listeners is a valuable service, so when people like your clips, you get paid.
Support your favourite shows from the player
On Fountain, giving back to the podcasts you love is simple, frictionless and fun. After topping up your Fountain wallet with your bank card, you can hit the Boost button to send a payment with a comment to the podcaster that other users can reply to. With Streams, you can send a payment for every minute you spend listening. The money simply flows from your wallet to theirs.
Join the conversation with other fans
Strike up a conversation with podcast hosts, guests, and fans. Share your thoughts about what you're listening to and discover other listeners' opinions. While likes on social media give a short-lived dopamine boost, Fountain pays you for connecting and sharing insights in the podcasting community.
Explore hidden gems in the activity feeds
Explore new shows through friends and listeners with similar interests. Check your home feed to see your friends' recommended podcasts and add them to your library. Browse clips to find audio highlights from shows you'll love or check trending podcasts in the charts.
Get rewarded for building the community with us
Not only do you get paid when people like your comments and clips, but you can earn money every day simply by listening to your favourite podcasts or promoted content in your home feed. You can withdraw your earnings or use them to support your favorite podcasts, fostering a community that values both creators and listeners.

Fountain for Podcasters

With Fountain, your podcast is powered by a community of supporters, allowing you to focus on creating amazing audio content. Our powerful social tools inspire audience growth, fostering connections with listeners. Whether you're a podcasting veteran or a newcomer, we simplify monetisation from day one.

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