What is Fountain Radio?

Fountain Radio is a community station for music - powered by Bitcoin. Discover new music, support the artists directly, add to the queue and connect with other listeners. 

For artists, Fountain Radio is the perfect launchpad for your music. Add your tracks to the queue, find supporters and build deeper connections with fans.

For listeners, Fountain Radio is the perfect companion for a long day at your desk. Discover new music, share your favourite tracks and chat to other listeners.

Here’s how it works:

  • Login with your Fountain account on desktop or mobile. You can also log in with Nostr using your @getAlby browser extension.
  • Listen to the track currently playing and boost to support the artist. The payment will be made from your Fountain or Alby wallet.
  • Add a track to the queue for 100 sats (around $0.05) Search for any track made available in Podcast Index via Wavlake, RSS Blue etc.
  • Boost to upvote tracks in the queue and move them up the list. The track with the most sats will play after the current track ends.
  • Save your favourite tracks to your library. Listen to your latest discoveries again in the Fountain app.
  • Join the live chat and hang out with other listeners - and artists. You can post in the chat for free and see all recent activity.

Looking to post your music on Fountain? Read our guide.

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