How do I add my music to Fountain?

You can't upload your music directly to Fountain, but there are a couple of different services that you can use to publish your music to an RSS feed and make it available in Fountain.


Upload as many tracks to Wavlake as you like for free. They create a bitcoin wallet for you and charge a 10% fee on each payment you receive from listeners. To share your earnings with your music collaborators, you can ask them to create a Wavlake account so you can add them to the splits. 

To learn more, read their guide.

RSS Blue

Upload up to nine tracks to RSS Blue each month for a monthly fee of $6 (as long as they’re under 5 minutes or 5MB) with no fees on payments. After uploading, you and your collaborators can create an account on Fountain then add your Fountain Lightning Addresses to the splits. 

To learn more, read their guide.

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