How do I add my podcast to Fountain?

Fountain is not a podcast hosting platform, so you will need to make sure your podcast is already hosted on a public RSS feed. If you have not yet started your podcast, we recommend that you choose a podcast hosting service that supports Podcasting 2.0 features, but any podcast hosting service will do.

You should be able to find your podcast by searching on the Fountain app or website. If you can't find your podcast, you will need to add it to PodcastIndex (the podcast library Fountain uses to populate the app with new episodes). All you need to provide is the URL for your RSS feed. After waiting a few minutes, it will be added to PodcastIndex and it will appear in Fountain.

Once you have added your podcast to Fountain, you can now claim your podcast and start receiving payments from listeners on Fountain and other Podcasting 2.0 apps.

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