I'm having trouble restoring my Fountain account

If you log in on a new device (or you have deleted the Fountain app on your device and downloaded it again), you will need to enter that same email address that you used when creating your account. If you use a different email address, your original account will not be found and we will create a new account for you instead.

If you are sure you're using the correct email address but still can't restore your account, here are some possible explanations:

  • The original account was never connected an email address: You can use Fountain just to listen,without accruing any sats for more than one day. You only need to add your email address if you want to activate and use your wallet. 
  • A different email address was used: It is possible you used a different email address to establish your account. in this case you could simply try all possible email addresses. You can also search your inbox for emails from "Fountain" to see which email address you used.  
  • There was a typo in the original email address: This is rare, but it happens!

Lastly, if you encounter an issue receiving the login code via email, check that your VPN is not blocking requests. You may also need to try again with your VPN switched off.

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